2022 Training Materials

2022 Clinic Training Materials

Here is the agenda for the CSOA Clinic on February 12, 2022.

President's report to the membership

Here are slides presented by the CSOA Assignor at the training clinic in February 2022

CSOA commissioner guidance

Lessons Learned from the Head Coach/Captains Pregame, by David Morrison

Sportsmanship - How to be a Leader on the Field, by Ben Glass & Jonathan Loney

CSOA makeup clinic: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kp6waavagnwaw5r/2022%20%20Clinic%20%20Makeup.mp4?dl=0

Weekly Training on Zoom

CSOA Training 3 March 2022. Handling


CSOA Training 24 Feb 2022. Advantage:


CSOA Training 17 Feb 2022, Sportsmanship - How to be a Leader on the Field:


CSOA Training 3 Feb 2022, Wall Management:


CSOA Training 20 Jan 2022, Injuries


CSOA Training 13 Jan 2022, Substitutions:  


CSOA Training 6 Jan 2022, Clock Management:


Chart showing high school substitution rules at a glance.

2021 Clinic - Training Materials

Here is the agenda for the CSOA annual training on 27 February 2021.

President's report to the membership

Assignor's spring orientation/training

Commissioner's points of emphasis

Here are preseaon follow up training slides from the CSOA President - April 2021.

Here are slides from the CSOA Vice-President for Training about major differences between the National Federation High School Rules and the IFAB Laws of the Game - April 2021.

2020 Clinic - Training Materials

POE for 2020

Agenda for February 8 CSOA Clinic

President's statement on CSOA

Assignor update

Special recognition

Commissioner briefing

Rules reinforcements

Additional Training Materials

2-Man briefing

Working outside the lines


2019 Clinic - Training Materials

POE and Addendum for 2019:

2019 Points of Emphasis (POE)

2019 POE Addendum

Here is the 2019 Playoff POE.

May 2019 addition - important information about CSOA reports.

September 2019 addition - Rules-Laws comparison

NFHS logo on soccer ball - see photo

NFHS concussion management course - NFHS offers a free online course where officials can learn more about concussion in sports - see the NFHSlearn.com web site.  The course requires you to register with NFHS and takes about 30 minutes to complete.

Assignor Update

President's Statement on CSOA/CSOA Business Meeting

Main Points of Emphasis in High School Soccer for 2019 & Lessons Learned 2018 - CSOA Commissioner

Understanding the Key Constituents of the High School Game - Bill Dittmar

Empowering Yourself to Better Manage the High School Game - Bill Dittmar

VHSL Rules Clinic for Referees and Coaches - Kelley Haney, VHSL Clinician

Here is a compilation of CSOA training information from Miles Kara, CSOA Assignor, as of January 2019. This includes the three keys to success for CSOA referees, information about our umbrella client organizations, and start times at spring venues. 

2018 Clinic - Training Materials

The commissioner encourages CSOA members to view a video about 2018-19 NFHS Soccer Rule Changes (https://youtu.be/vrf7BlTrdg8) prior to the fall season.

Please see the attached NFHS memorandum about soccer headgear.

Article in Washington Post (June 17, 2017) - FYI

POE and Addendum for 2018:

2018 Points of Emphasis (POE)

2018 POE Addendum

Assignor Update/Awards - Miles Kara, CSOA Assignor

President's Statement on CSOA - Dick Cote, Jr., CSOA President

Presentation: Two-Man System, Bob Heyer, David Johnson

Presentation: Man Management, Pete Stenner, CSOA Commissioner

Main POE in High School Soccer for 2018 & Lessons Learned 2017, Pete Stenner, CSOA Commissioner

Here is a summary of information related to the mix of public and private schools for fall soccer

2017 Clinic - Training Materials

POE and Addendum for 2017:

2016 Clinic - Training Materials

2015 Clinic - Training Materials

POE and Addendum for 2015:

2015 Points of Emphasis

Assignor Slides - Miles Kara

Newcomer Slides - Miles Kara

President's Perspective: Schools, CSOA, Referees - Where Your Board Stands - Dick Cote

Referee Communications - Interactions, Interacting with Coaches - Jack Deplitch

The Game from an Assessor's Perspective - Tim Ehrsam

2014 Clinic - Training Materials

Points of Emphasis and Addendum for 2014:

Clinic Agenda

Management of the Events - Kevin Newmeyer, CSOA VP for Assessments

FIFA 11+, A Complete Warm-Up - Richard Cote Jr., CSOA President

The Two-Men System -  Bob Heyer & Thomas Pettigrew

Assignor Update - Miles Kara, CSOA Assignor

Refereeing Lessons Learned - Pete Stenner, CSOA Commissioner of Officials

2013 Clinic - Training Materials

Points of Emphasis and Addendum for 2013:

Training Materials

Working Outside the Lines

Main POE in High School Soccer for 2013

Refereeing Men vs. Women

Assignor Update


2012 Clinic

2012 Clinic Materials

Assignor Slides

Working Outside the Lines

Refereeing As a Team

Good of Your Fellow Officials, Good of the Game

Refereeing Lessons Learned

2011 Clinic - Training Materials

2011 POE

May 2011 - 2011 Playoff POE

2011 Points of Emphasis (with February update about casts)

Supplement to the 2011 Points of Emphasis (with February update about casts)


Briefing on POE

Assignor Briefing

Concussion Management

Lessons Learned

Referee Fitness Preparation

VHSL Rules Information - Slides 1-47

VHSL Rules Information - Additional Slides (selected)



2010 Clinic - Points of Emphasis and Other Materials

2010 Points of Emphasis

2010 Points of Emphasis - Addendum

Additional Clinic Materials

Assignor Overview



Game Reports and Sportsmanship


Certification Form

Referee Certification

VHSL Information About Refereeing Soccer Matches

Here is information that VHSL has provided about refereeing soccer matches:

Officials jurisdiction - April 22, 2014

Use of cards - April 25, 2013