Subject: Fall 2005 Update #1 - August 28, 2005


1. The purpose of this memorandum, first in a series, is to keep CSOA officials as informed as possible as to how we are meeting our commitment to our customer base, the schools. Subsequent editions will be posted on the web site vice sent by e-mail.

2. First things first. Thank you to all who have given me availability and have accepted assignment promptly in arbiter. If you receive e-mail notification of an assignment please respond by the suspense date. If you receive assignments that means arbiter is showing you as available. We continue to fine tune arbiter, so bear with us and accept as many assignments as you can. I anticipate completing September assignments this weekend-I'm still missing a few schedules, Highlands in particular. So stand by for additional September games. I will assign October just as soon as I have all school schedules in hand and they have been verified.

3. Speaking of the schools, I am developing an arbiter-smart list of contacts at the administrative assistant to the AD/DSA level. I intend to project this approach to the spring schools over the winter. This new list of contacts is scrubbing schedules as I post them to make sure we get them right the first time.

4. Back to the web site for a moment. Please check the web site and arbiter daily for announcements. On the web site always check cancellations, future events and problem dates. Concerning the latter, there are two so far in September, Tuesday the 13th and Friday the 30th. If you have received assignments for those two dates make every effort to accept them. The 30th is especially critical for a second reason.

5. I will not be available on September 29-Oct 2. Dave Dunlap and Bill Everett will monitor and my wife, Lee, will help as she can. You need to be aware of that situation so that we can enter that week and weekend with everything in place, assignment-wise. To that end please maintain the habit of checking with the schools early and often, beginning now.

6. For example, the forecasters are projecting rain Monday thru Thursday of this coming week. If you are scheduled this week call the schools on Monday and inform them of who you are and ask them to include you in cancellation/postponement notifications. This will be an imperfect process for sure, but we want to develop the habit of looking forward in conjunction with the schools and fine tune the process for the spring.

7. Back to my availability in September. Prior to my CSOA duties I committed to be a volunteer at the President's Cup, the week of September 19-25, and it only cost me $200 to volunteer. I have asked for early shift-work, six hours in the mornings but I may be assigned one afternoon. Cell phones are not allowed at the Cup, so my game plan is to monitor the voice mail box on 703 743-2217 frequently. I will have essential data with me. No apologies for being away from my desk, you simply need to know where I am and why. The President's Cup also raises a traffic issue in September on I66.

8. There will be an extensive night paving operation for several weeks in the construction zone between exits 47 and 43. That coupled with the President's Cup means potential delays on I66. That may affect travel to Linton Hall, Bull Run Middle School, Highland, and Nokesville (Seton games), and perhaps some of the Prince William Middle Schools, specifically Marsteller.

9. Look for future updates on the web site. Again, thank you for your assistance to me as we work on our business practices to get ready for the spring season. Go Broncos, Miles