Game Forms

Game Report and Ejection Report

It is mandatory that a game report be completed in Arbiter for every game officiated.  After you complete your Arbiter report, you must fill out the CSOA game report and any ejection reports because these reports serve as a record of the game and any incidents that must be taken care of by the commissioner. Report all ejections and serious incidents to the commissioner within 12 hours.
Please NOTE:  An Ejection Report is NOW REQUIRED for a Double Yellow Card Ejection
  1. CSOA Game Reports must be prepared on each game. Please use the electronic game report above for reporting. Senior referee for the match is responsible for filling out report. These reports must be submitted within 12 hours of each game.
  2. All red cards (including second yellows) must be reported immediately to the commissioner (703-966-0457 - leave a message). Use the electronic ejection report above for reporting the facts surrounding the ejection. This form will be sent to me as soon as you submit it. This should be done immediately because I need to report them to VHSL within 24 hours. Remember one ejection report for each ejection.
  3. Any incidents with supervisors (for example, with activities directors, coaches, trainers, or spectators, must also be reported immediately.
  4. Sportsmanship points: The maximum points for each team is 40 points. You must deduct 5 points for each yellow card. If you give a red card (not double yellow), the team gets 0/20 team points. If a coach gets ejected, then the maximum score is 0/40.
  5. Please remember to include both the name and the number on all cautions and ejections.
  6. Please include an explanation in your CSOA game report for points deducted.  Be sure to discuss deductions with full referee crew before departing field.
  7. Please note any injuries that are of a serious nature should be noted in the remarks portion of the card.